• GST Helpdesk No. 03592-280117
  • List of dealers who have not submitted their PAN is provided under Latest News.
  • Dear dealers, the overview of GST and GST Model Law is released for view and comments. Please see under GST menu.
  • ICICI Bank joins the panel of designated bank for online collection of taxes and cesses. All dealers having account in ICICI Bank can pay taxes and cesses through net banking.
  • Now you can apply for changes in endorsed waybill on-line (see “File Request”). Request for change with valid ground ONLY will be considered.
  • Commercial Taxes Division announces the launch of ePayment with IDBI Bank,Axis Bank and HDFC Bank from January 1st, 2013
  • For questions on filing eReturns, please contact eReturns Helpline at sevactd@gmail.com

Citizen Charter


January 2012


A declaration of our commitment to modernize tax administration.



To raise the revenue of the State Government by exterminating tax evasion and tax avoidance.



  • In transparency and fairness
  • In promoting voluntary compliance
  • In e-Governance



  • To render equal treatment to all dealers.
  • To disseminate information through publications in website, leaflets, booklets, seminars, workshops and trainings.
  • To provide all G2B (Government to Business) services on-line.
  • To provide all G2C (Government to Citizen) services on-line.
  • To exchange payment figure with State Treasury for real time compilation of revenue collection data.
  • To bring TDS activities under network.
  • To attain paperless eco-friendly administration.



  • To obtain registration within the prescribed time limit.
  • To issue prescribed tax invoice against all the sales.
  • To maintain records of purchase and sales in prescribed forms.
  • To comply with regulation of tax payment, filing returns, filing transit declaration etc.



Citizens and dealers can lodge their complaint/grievances directly to the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes in his office in SITCO Building,Block-D,Above A.G Office,Gangtok.