• GST Helpdesk No. 03592-280117
  • List of dealers who have not submitted their PAN is provided under Latest News.
  • Dear dealers, the overview of GST and GST Model Law is released for view and comments. Please see under GST menu.
  • ICICI Bank joins the panel of designated bank for online collection of taxes and cesses. All dealers having account in ICICI Bank can pay taxes and cesses through net banking.
  • Now you can apply for changes in endorsed waybill on-line (see “File Request”). Request for change with valid ground ONLY will be considered.
  • Commercial Taxes Division announces the launch of ePayment with IDBI Bank,Axis Bank and HDFC Bank from January 1st, 2013
  • For questions on filing eReturns, please contact eReturns Helpline at sevactd@gmail.com

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