Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya
Governor of Sikkim
Officers Directory
Details of all officers working under the Sikkim State GST Tax Department.
Sl.No. Name Designation Office Address Email Address Phone Number
1 Shri Manoj Rai Commissioner Gangtok (H.O) 99320-28369
2 Shri Keshab Subba Addl.Comm. Jorethang Circle Office 97330-84608
3 Smt. Asha Subba Joint Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 73629-71821
4 Shri Bikash Diyali Joint Director/GST Gangtok (H.O) 94341-74524
5 Shri Ajay Raj Gurung Joint  Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 86173-58005
6 Shri Dorji Wangchuk Bhutia Joint  Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 98008-24978
7 Shri Ran Bdr. Rai Joint  Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 97359-45074
8 Smt. Tashi D. Barfungpa Sr. A. O. Gangtok (H.O) 77978-89310
9 Shri Rajesh Pradhan Sr. A. O. Gangtok (H.O) 62969-10262
10 Smt. Mamta Rai Sr. Private Secy. Gangtok (H.O) 94755-06607
11 Shri S.B. Rasaily Dy. Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 77971-00600
12 Shri B.S. Subba Dy.Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 97330-71167
13 Smt. Leezum D. Lepcha Dy.Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 75578-14707
14 Shri Tshering D. Bhutia Dy.Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 79089-87252
15 Smt. Usha R. Pradhan Dy.Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 95939-80429
16 Shri Pranai Rai Dy.Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 97333-83929
17 Smt. Pema L. Lepcha Dy.Comm. Gangtok (H.O) 89183-29177
18 Shri N. K. Karki Dy. Comm Jorethang Circle Office 97330-25808
19 Smt. Pema Nima Lepcha  Private Secy. Gangtok (H.O) 81017-79841
20 Mr. Ramesh Chandra Rai Asstt. Comm. Jorethang Circle Office 97330-99154
21 Smt. Keemti Subba Asstt. Comm. Rangpo Charge Office 99335-60800
22 Shri Man Singh Tamang Asstt. Comm. Pakyong Cirle Office 78729-66542
23 Shri Dipendra Sharma Asstt. Comm. Soreng Circle Office 95937-73192
24 Shri Bijay Bhandari Asstt. Comm. Rangpo Charge Office 97328-17213
25 Shri Hari Ram Sharma Asstt. Comm. Pakyong Cirle Office 99336-35758
26 Shri Samir Chhetri (Kunwar) Asstt. Comm. Sorang Circle Office 97757-70403
27 Shri Prakash Rai Asstt. Comm. Jorethang Circle Office 96478-92577
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